Florida Community Armed With Free Shotguns & Ammo

Members of the Armed Citizen Project of Florida have been dropping leaflets on doorsteps in the Sunshine Gardens community near Orlando, Fla., offering to “arm volunteer households,” with free shotguns and ammo. This is perfectly legal because what we’re doing is we’re offering first of all a certified gun-instruction class, but we’re not handing out the shotguns whatsoever.” the ACP state director Ron Ritter told local NBC affiliate WESH. Ritter said a firearms retailer would supply the shotguns and ammunition and transfer ownership once the volunteer passes a background check. Many residents interviewed by local media seemed a baffled by the effort, particularly since the community isn’t known as a high crime area.

Some neighborhoods form watch programs over their neighborhoods to look out for any suspicious activity in their areas. Many neighborhood watch volunteers, when faced with what might be considered a dangerous situation, especially at night, exercise the option they feel ensures the most safety for themselves.

For some, safety means calling police after seeing a person who’s walking around the window of a house, who they might think is a home burglar. However, that is the point of a neighborhood watch: to watch. The police will handle the apprehension of the suspect and will be held accountable to the law if they fail in the process, meaning a dismissal in many cases of a baseless charge.

Many organizations are taking upon themselves the responsibilities of law enforcement. In this case, the group is in the process of obtaining nonprofit status and contacting gun shops and NRA instructors willing to donate shotguns and training. ACP is hoping to train and arm 1,000 volunteers by year’s end. This means that 1,000 people will have a weapon that they might not have before thought of owning, but now that they do, they might use.

Unfortunately, as one can see from recent gun related crimes in the news, background checks do not always mean that one should own a gun. There are those who do not control their anger. Put a gun in one of those people’s hand and one may have a recipe for mass murder. However, this does not mean that one should not own a gun. Home defense is a choice, not a requirement.
When a private organization first initiates circumstances like this, the potential for danger skyrockets. The accused may suffer at the hands of partial jury pool, and may not have a smoother time in the court system. Many times, when activities like this are highly publicized, the charges are not filed immediately, giving the media has ample opportunity to inform the public as well as fill the public’s minds with the many opinions on the issues, making the jury pool tainted.
Unfortunately for the accused in a situation like this, one has a very slim opportunity to make sure that the jury and even the judge one goes before will not be tainted and be unfavorably swayed away from impartiality. However, if one in a situation like this obtains an experienced Jacksonville gun crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure one’s rights are protected and that one will have the best defense possible to one’s charge.

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Additional Source: Group offers free shotguns to fight crime in Florida suburb, NBCnews.com

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