Florida Criminal Procedure Rules Protect Your Rights-Witnesses

When the prosecutor files a case against you, they have certain obligations. One of the biggest obligations they have is called their “discovery obligation”. According the the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, after the Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer files a written Notice of Discovery, the prosecutor has to give the defense:

1. A list of the names and addresses of all people known to the prosecutor to have information that may be relevant to the offense charged or any defense you may have. The witnesses shall include:

a. Eye Witnesses
b. Alibi Witnesses and Rebuttal to Alibi Witnesses
c. Witnesses who were present when a recorded or unrecorded statement was taken from
or made by the accused
d. Investigating Officers
e. Witnesses known by the Florida prosecutor to have material information that tends to
negate the guilt of the accused as to the offense charged. This is also called
“exculpatory evidence”.
f. Child Hearsay Witnesses
g. Expert Witnesses who have not provided a written report or CV or who are going to
testify to test results or give opinions.

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