Florida DUI Turns Into Zombie Attack In Naples

Jacksonville’s citizens have many problems in their lives that bog them down, depress them and cause them to sometimes go insane. Unfortunately, actions typically occur during that period of insanity that might be subject to criminal prosecution. If one has been in a situation like this and believes they were not in the right mental state, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to Latinos Post, Giovanni Martinez of Naples has been charged with three counts of felony battery and a DUI charge. Martinez’s charges stem from a DUI arrest and subsequent transfer to a hospital, where he attacked and bit a nurse, spit blood, threatened to eat people’s faces, and threatened to sexually batter the nurses’ wives. Giovanni’s threats stem from the famous Miami Zombie incident of Miami.

Jacksonville DUI cases normally involve a person who has had either a little bit too much to drink, someone calling the police, reporting a license plate number of an erratic driver, or someone crashing. However, as simple as the cause may be, the consequences of the crime can be tremendous such as:

– License suspension/revocation
– DUI school enrollment
– Up to 6 months in jail
– Vehicle tow and impoundment
– Ignition interlock installation and monthly access fees
– Expensive court fines and fees
However, the consequences of one’s crime may increase when alcohol is mixed with some sort of anger, rage or mind-altering emotion or state that would make one unaware of the consequences of one’s actions, either permanent or temporary. Particularly when the accused’s state of mind is not rational, the accused may think their actions are justified. Unfortunately, this state does lead to serious harm and death if the individual cannot cope with the situation.

Under Florida Statute 775.027, the defense of insanity allows the accused to show the court that, at the time the crime was said to occur, the accused was suffering a mental infirmity that caused the accused to not know the consequences of one’s actions and that one’s actions were wrong.

A perfectly normal person of a reasonable mind may still have tendencies toward insanity, particularly when a traumatic event such as a close death or a car accident occurs. No matter what the particular circumstance surrounding the event is, if the person is truly insane during the period of the crime, that person will have to show that something caused this mental infirmity and that the infirmity caused them to be unaware of their actions.

Many times, people go through with actions that they would not normally ever think of doing because of altered states of mental acuity. When alcohol is involved, these actions are multiplied. When this happens, things said, acts done, and effects rendered can leave the accused in what seems like a very rough position. However, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville DUI crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure one’s rights will be known and protected.

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Additional Source: ‘Miami Zombie’: Another Copycat Bites Nurse’s Arm, Threatens to Eat Hospital Staff’s Faces and Rape Their Wifes, David Salazar, Latinospost.com

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