Florida Duo Arrested On Warrants After Meth Lab Explosion

Carl Wayne Abbott of Milton, and Chasity Alexis Petitt of Orlando have been arrested on warrants for drug charges and traffic violations. Kichrisus Evelyn Petitt was also arrested and charged with possession of a methamphetamine pipe and possession of marijuana. Their arrests came after Santa Rosa County Narcotics Unit was preparing to serve two arrest warrants in American Farms.

When law enforcement pulled up to the residence listed on the warrant, the deputies saw three fire units trying to put out a barn fire at that same address. The fire units tipped law enforcement off to something suspicious involving the fire they were putting out. After further investigation, fire fighters allegedly found a bag about five feet behind the shed and everything within it, everything necessary to manufacture methamphetamine.

Major methamphetamine labs are found all throughout the United States, many being based in Florida. While there are many “super” meth labs that can produce pounds of meth in a single cycle of cooking, most tend to be much less complicated, manufacturing much smaller quantities of meth. These labs are everywhere, from homes, garages, storage sheds, and other areas that many would not think would be a place where drugs are made.

For every ten pounds of meth produced, there are 50-60 pounds of hazardous waste products that leak into the environment, making meth one of the most dangerous drugs simply because of its byproduct. This environmental hazard has been one of the main arguments for toughening up on meth crimes.

Methamphetamines are highly addictive, typically are linked with other types of criminal activity, and are prone to explosions as they are being manufactured.

A rolling meth lab is a transportable laboratory used for the illegal production of methamphetamine. Rolling meth labs in Jacksonville are often readily moved to a isolated location to be unpacked to make the drug, such as in a public park, or sometimes set up to convert the drug while the lab is traveling in a vehicle. This is done to avoid detection when the methamphetamine is being manufactured as strong toxic fumes are given off from the process, which could easily be detected in a residential area. Also, the toxic waste that remains after the creation of the drug can be dumped along the roadside or discarded in a wooded area.

Law enforcement will use many different methods of detection, including drug dogs. However, most police will begin to investigate further for a meth lab if one of the following factors is present:

– Jars containing a clear liquid, with a white or red colored solid coating the bottom, with rubber tubing attached
– A large number of cans of paint thinner, lye, acetone, lighter fluid, and drain cleaners or acid
– Strong smell of urine or unusual chemical smells such as ether, acetone, or ammonia
– Coffee filters containing a white pasty substance, a dark red paste, or small amounts of shiny white crystals
– Glass cookware or stove pans containing a powdery residue

As with a home lab, the remaining fumes from a makeshift moving methamphetamine lab can be extremely toxic. The surfaces inside the vehicles can be covered with the poisonous residue, rendering a vehicle virtually worthless. Vehicles stolen for the single purpose of manufacture of the drug are most often considered contaminated and unusable, because exposure to the by-products remaining in the vehicle is too dangerous.

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