Florida Football Player Arrested for DUI

As DUI lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida, we keep track of notable DUI arrests in Jacksonville and all over Florida. The reason our Jacksonville DUI attorneys do this is to track their progress to see if celebrities or well-known folks get different treatment than the average citizen.

Florida football player, Frankie Hammond, was arrested for DUI and open container in Gainesville this past weekend. Police say he was speeding and swerved on the street. After being pulled over, police say Hammond spoke with slurred speech and bloodshot, glassy eyes. Almost every arrest and booking report for DUI in Jacksonville has these observations. Alachua police say he had open bottles of Crown Royal Whiskey in his car. One was in his backseat and one was in his trunk. When an alcohol bottle is in your trunk, you cannot reach it and cannot possess it. The bottle in the trunk is not the problem, it is the one in his backseat. Hammond reportedly did not do well on his field sobriety exercises and blew a .188 and .191. The legal limit in Florida is .08.

If Hammond hires a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney, that Florida DUI Lawyer will look at the specific reasons the police pulled him over. Normally, if an officer can show that you were speeding, there is probable cause to pull you over for that traffic infraction. If there is no speeding, there may have to be more than swerving to justify the stop. A DUI Defense attorney will investigate and ask the officers if the client effected other traffic. If you get arrested for DUI in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, it is important to consult with an experienced DUI law firm.

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