Florida Gator Arrested for DUI in Gainesville, Florida

Florida football player, Carlos Dunlap, was arrested in Gainesville, Florida for DUI. Police were dispatched to a reckless driver and proceeded to the scene. They report that Dunlap’s car was stopped at a green light and remained there through several light changes. The claim he was asleep at the wheel. Police wrote in their report that Dunlap has difficulty speaking, bloodshot and watery eyes, and they smelled alcohol. (in almost every DUI arrest and booking report in Jacksonville, these things are observed) Dunlap did the field sobriety exercises and allegedly refused to blow into the breathilizer. Dunlap is 20 years-old.

As Jacksonville DUI Lawyers, we have seen many cases where someone is slumped over the wheel when the police arrive. The police are allowed to check the situation out for your safety, but if they observe several clues of impairment, that can lead them to conduct a criminal investigation for DUI. They must inform you when the investigation goes from a “safety check” to a DUI investigation. At that point, you have the right to remain silent and you can request a lawyer. The officer should read you your rights. Exercise them.

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