Florida Gator Player Arrested for Violating an Injunction

A University of Florida football player was arrested on February 16th for violating an injunction. A Florida temporary injunction for protection against sexual violence was entered against Carl Johnson a week before the arrest, which restricted him from having contact with the alleged victim. Violation of Injunction in Florida is a first degree misdemeanor punishable for up to a year in jail.

In Jacksonville and all of Florida, if a person wants to get a permanent injunction against someone, they file a Petition for Injunction For Protection. If the petition meets all the preliminary requirements, a temporary injunction will be entered until a hearing is held. The temporary injunction usually restricts the respondent (the person who is bound by the injunction) from being within 500 feet of the petitioner (the person requesting the Florida injunction), 500 feet from their home, and 500 feet from the petitioner’s place of work.

An injunction hearing will be held and a Jacksonville Circuit Court Judge will make a decision about whether or not to grant the permanent injunction. The petitioner has to prove to the judge that their allegations are true.

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