Florida Home Burglaries Decrease as Vehicular Burglaries Increase

Jacksonville is a large diverse city with diverse people from all walks of life. Some of Jacksonville’s citizens choose take a path that leads to being charged with crimes. Some of these crimes include vehicle burglary. Any circumstances that leads one to being charged with a crime still entitles one to seek legal assistance to ensure that one’s rights under the law are protected.According to Wellington Village Council of Palm Beach County, Home burglaries and vandalism cases are down in Palm Beach County, though a recent report to the Wellington Village Council said vehicle burglaries are on the rise with a 4.3 percent increase between last October and March. Property crime prevention, robbery reduction, traffic safety and public preservation for the year. However, with common offenses such as retail theft from the mall and petty or grand theft from others’ vehicles on the rise, there are and will continue to be many misconceptions about the crime as well as the accused.

Theft crimes involve taking another person’s property without his/her consent. Theft crimes range in severity from petty theft (misdemeanor) to grand theft (felony). A petty theft crime is when a person steals another person’s property and the property is valued below $300. If a person steals property that is valued at over $300, he/she can be charged with grand theft.

Any person who steals another person’s property without permission can be charged with a theft crime in the state of Florida. The extent and severity of criminal charges vary case per case, but will normally depend upon the defendant’s prior criminal record, if the defendant has committed prior theft crimes, and the extent of the monetary damages, and if a weapon was used during the commission of the crime.

Many times, car burglary crimes in Jacksonville are typically handled as serial crimes by police. That means that detectives often believe that a person who commits one crime is likely responsible for others. Investigators typically assume that the accused is the one responsible for a string of crimes if they make an arrest. Sometimes they have proof and sometimes, as Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers have seen, they have nothing but a desire to get old cases off the books.

So, charging a person with a string of crimes comes with some responsibility. A person can’t be a suspect simply based on an area of town, a type of burglary tool used or the “motive” behind hitting a certain type of house, car or business. But it happens.

Those accused of such theft crimes are normally involved with or are those who have been convicted more than once and merely have a problem with self-control. These crimes are usually committed by individuals who are supporting a drug habit. Persons in our society who find themselves as addicts usually are under control of forces that make them do things that other citizens would not do.

Many times, unknown circumstances and the accused’s frame of mind because of those circumstances dictates the accused’s behavior. Police officers and judicial officials do not take into consideration these mitigating facts when they decide to arrest them. When one faces these circumstances while in a state of non-control, one needs to rely on an experienced Jacksonville defense attorney who knows the system and how to use all of its resources. There are many options one may choose when charged with a crime, but these options are subject to disappear the longer one waits to choose.

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