Florida Man Arrested On Warrant For Starting Own Shooting

Jacksonville’s citizens fight with each other and have disagreements. Unfortunately for some, guns and other types of weapons will be involved. However tragic the situation may be, when one is charged with enough evidence to prove guilt, one needs to ensure that the one’s rights, defenses and options are known and protected. In a situation like this, one should obtain an experienced attorney.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Quintin Latrelle Mann has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery. Mann was arrested on a warrant in Putnam County after investigators determined that the shooting that left Mann shot several times was caused by Mann. Mann was said to have intentionally shot Jessica Martinez in the arm, after which her brother, Daniel Martinez fired back.

Jacksonville felony violent crimes cases typically involve someone who has made a serious mistake because of a temporary lapse in judgment. However, just because one made a mistake, does not mean that one must suffer the maximum amount of time allowed for the crime, particularly when one is remorseful. However, many accused parties do not know options or avenues of relief that one might take, and suffer the hardened punishments the legal system renders.

Many times, the accused may think the State does not have enough to prove that one committed the crime and that if one is convicted of anything, the punishment will be a slap on the wrist. However, the harsh reality of a very long and hard prison sentence will change one’s perception of the situation at hand. In a case like this, there are two felony charges involved, bringing with them a combined total of twenty years in prison if convicted of both crimes.

A very common thought when a person commits a crime of major concern, such as a gun crime, is that one can outrun the police. However, when the police do finally catch up, one’s options for lower sentences and the possibility of early release will slip through one’s fingers. When one runs from the law, the State will use this fear of being caught or evasion as a sign that one is guilty, and will attempt to sway jurors and Judges to believe the same.

One does have options for a better and quicker experience going through the legal system and coming out of the other side as a free citizen again. In many situations, and contrary to popular belief, many times it is better to turn one’s self in to the authorities. If one is cooperative with police and the State, many times, the State will offer one a great plea bargain that will have one out of prison within a few short years, rather than the twenty year sentence that one will be more likely to serve if one continues to flee.

As good of a help as turning one’s self in is to helping one’s case progress smoothly and easily, turning one’s self in does only so much. One in a situation such as this should obtain an experienced Jacksonville felony violent crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights, defenses, and options are known and protected. One cannot fight this battle alone. With the help of an experienced attorney, one can be sure that this mistake will be whited out of one’s life and become a thing of the past.

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Additional Source:Man shot in Putnam County incident this month charged with starting the incident, Drew Dixon, The Florida Times-Union

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