Florida Man Captured With Help of U.S. Marshals in 13-month Manhunt

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has captured and arrested Roy Pandeloglou, an alleged violent fugitive who has been on the run and in violation of his state probation for the past 13 months. Pandeloglou was on probation for a 2010 felony battery case in which he caused great bodily harm to the female victim, according to the sheriff’s office. Pandeloglou, who absconded in June 2012, is being held without bond.

Each Jacksonville aggravated battery case is unique and will involve both negative facts and positive enlightening information on the case to prove that the prosecution does not have a case that proves the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Strong legal representation provided by an experienced Jacksonville aggravated battery defense attorney could be the difference between a one’s freedom and severe penalties.

Under Florida Statute §784.045, An Aggravated Battery is a second degree felony, exposing one to a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. A Battery becomes an Aggravated Battery if during the battery, one intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement, or uses a deadly weapon. Also, a person commits aggravated battery if the victim of the battery was pregnant at the time of the offense and the offender knew or should have known that the victim was pregnant.”

Many times, the “primary aggressor” will be going to jail and will be held until First Appearance. Many times one party will lie or embellish the story in order to have the other party arrested. Other times, one party will leave out the fact that they hit the other party first. Other times, police will assume that because the assumed victim has more bruises, that they are not the primary aggressor. Many forget bruising is subjective, leaving many to think that the harm caused was much more severe than in actuality. As result, the wrong person is determined as the “primary aggressor” and charged with domestic violence assault or domestic violence battery.

In this case, the victim was a female. Many times, with battery charges involving a female, the investigative strategies and techniques used by police in handling what may or may not be a potentially violent situation will change, becoming very aggressive towards the accused. The method for determining who the primary aggressor is in a domestic violence case has many holes in it. For example, a male and female have an argument in the house that they occupy together. The female throws three punches that the male does not respond to. Eventually the male retaliates, by yelling, and slamming the door in the female’s face, which bludgeons the female’s head, causing major injury. The male has taken the punches, but exhibits no major outward injury. The police arrive 15-20 minutes later to a busted, bloody door and bloody-faced female. Who was the actual primary aggressor? In the eyes of the police, probably the male, who will be arrested and will sit in jail until First Appearance.

Remember, even though simple battery, aggravated battery, and domestic battery cases can often be the result of baseless and false accusations by angry partners, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville battery defense attorney to protect one’s rights and help one follow the right path in one’s case. Without an attorney, one might waive a worthy defense and plead guilty, thinking cooperation will be rewarded. However, one’s reward will often be mandatory jail time and anger management counseling, and permanent criminal record that cannot be sealed or expunged.

If one does nothing, one may be arrested when one least expects it, as a police officer will arrest one if he or she discovers an outstanding arrest warrant. If one is in a similar situation, one should obtain an experienced attorney to have the situation resolved, and if such a warrant or capias is currently outstanding, having that recalled.

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