Florida Man Charged With Burglary After Getting Stuck in Grease Trap

Orange County deputies said Chad Winslow broke into Sam’s Discount Food Store and got stuck in a grease trap on the store’s roof that was put there earlier that day. The alarm went off, and the deputy who responded said he saw Winslow stuck in one of the windows.

For police departments, in general, making an arrest is good enough to clear out an old case and make their statistics look better. The fewer open cases they have, the better it makes the department look. But officers must have some proof to charge a person with a crime and it’s up to a lawyer to hold the state, once prosecutors get the case, to an even higher standard.

Florida Burglary charges can still lead to serious prison time if a person is convicted, depending on several factors, such as whether anyone was in the building at the time of the burglary, whether a weapon was used and the value of what was stolen.

But as an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer knows, when authorities arrest a person for burglary, they try to match the style of that burglary to others in the area. People who face theft charges are typically looked at for a variety of crimes as police try to make arrests for unsolved cases.

Many times, a victim may follow the burglar, call 911 and give police a description of the assailant. Subsequent to the police stop, a person is stopped and accused that matches the description. The accused is viewed as the criminal, rather than a possibly falsely accused victim himself. Here is an all too common example of an unfortunate burglary leading to an unfortunate arrest: Police receive a phone call about a burglary late one evening. The woman stopped and held them until police arrived. Police arrive on scene and find two men who were followed by the victim and match the allegedly broke into the woman’s neighbor’s vehicle.

From the woman’s description, it appears she saw men walking down the street, but didn’t see them break into a vehicle. She said she followed them because they looked suspicious and drove off after she spotted them.

Many times, the items stolen are resold for value. However, the resale and purchase of stolen property creates two more charges, one for the seller, and one for the buyer. According to Florida Statute 812.019, one commits dealing in stolen property if one trafficks in (the move, transfer, buying or selling of) property that one knows or should know is stolen. Basically, if one pawns or sell something that one knows is stolen, one could be charged with dealing in stolen property.

In Jacksonville, some judges can be particularly tough on theft crimes, more so than other judges. These situations can sometimes leave some first time offenders in worse situations than second or third time offenders because of the judge they come before. In these situations, one needs an experienced Jacksonville burglary crimes defense attorney to mount the best defense possible, so that no matter what judge one goes before, one will have a better chance of having a more favorable set of circumstances, possibly even acquittal.

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