Florida Man Charged With Child arrested on Child Pornography Charges During Task Force Investigation

According to the Miami-Herald, Stephen Saftler, a Fort Lauderdale man, has been charged with 51 counts of child pornography, uncovered during an undercover task-force investigation. Saftler will be facing some horrid charges and penalties unless he obtains an experienced attorney to fight for his case and present his best defenses.

Saftler was an employee of the ESMO company, a medical equipment company, which had been the owner of the IP address that was used to track down the child pornography. The South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, in conjunction with an undercover detective, were able to find hundreds of pictures and videos of children being sexually abused by adults on Saftler’s work computer.

Jacksonville child pornography cases can be some of the most gruesome cases out there. No one likes to see children hurt and abused in the manner in which they are in child pornography. However, this does not deprive the accused of the right to the best defense possible.

There are both state and federal charges available for the defendant to be charged under; however, typically a defendant charged with possession or distribution of child pornography will be charged under federal law. The reason for being federally charged is that with computer crimes involving the Internet, the crime itself is not usually isolated to one state or another, and more so all of the states together.

Even if one is to be federally charged, one can still be charged under state laws. State laws against child pornography tend to be less harsh than the more extensive federal laws; however, both are very harsh.

There are many factors that would establish whether a person found guilty of child pornography based on a federal charge should be given a lighter or heavier sentence. Some of these include:
– criminal record
– whether the defendant is willing to turn evidence against other possible defendants
– willingness to cooperate with prosecution
In many cases, when investigated for child pornography, the accused’s life will be turned upside down in a matter of seconds. Police will be asking questions, personal computers will taken, work computers will be taken, and the investigators will be searching the accused’s home looking for evidence.

One might think that if one works with the police as quickly as possible without resisting that one is willing to come clean and as a result, have an easier time with the entire investigative process. However, cooperating with the police will not ensure this. The best thing to do in this situation is not cooperate until you have contacted an attorney.

In the case of Saftler, he had no choice but to give up his work computer to the task force in charge of the investigation. However, had the computer been his private computer, Saftler would have been able to obtain an attorney first.

There are many times in Jacksonville where people are accused of sending, receiving, buying, and selling child pornography. Some of these people are the victims of wireless Internet theft; others are people who have made the mistake and yet not have the best defense presented for them. No matter what the particular situation, one should acquire an experienced Jacksonville child-pornography defense attorney to fight for one’s case and make sure one’s rights are protected.

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