Florida Man On Probation For Harboring Murderer Arrested For Domestic Violence

Jacksonville’s citizens can sometimes be very dramatic and sometimes be very violent while being dramatic. For many, violence against friends and family members will bring about the consequence of a criminal case being brought against them. When coupled with a existing probationary sentence, simple can become complicated. One in a situation like this should obtain an experienced attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to Florida Today, Floyd James Johnson Jr. of Melbourne was arrested for felony battery-domestic violence, felony battery by strangulation-domestic violence, and violating his probation. Johnson Jr.’s arrest came after a verbal argument at the home of the victim turned violent. Johnson Jr. was previously on supervised probation for harboring Christopher Eddy, who shot a Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer in 2009.

Jacksonville assault crimes typically involve someone who has had a problem in the past with controlling their anger. For many, anger control can be fixed with the right amount of therapy and counseling. Many times, counseling may be the best avenue of relief for someone in a situation like this.

When the accused is arrested for a crime of this nature, the accused will most likely be asked a slew of questions that will prove or disprove the accused’s intent to harm the victim, as well as the mental-state the accused was in at the time the crime was committed. Many times, the answers given might help show that counseling or anger management via probation might better help the problem, as opposed to a jail-cell where anger will only continue to build.

Probation requirements can broadly range in type, though there are many standard requirements placed upon those in the system, including:

– Reporting to a probation officer
– Community service hours
– Being Prohibited from alcohol consumption
– Restitution payments to victims
– Submitting to drug testing and treatment
– Letters of apology
– Obtaining a job
– Mental health evaluations
– Paying for Supervision costs
– Some jail-time as a condition of probation
– Being prohibited from violating any law
– Being Prohibited from leaving the state
These are just some of the standard requirements for probation. The Judge who will decide what terms are to be included in the probation sentence can impose some of their own particular personalized terms to be added to the final sentence. Judges have flexibility in setting the terms to the punishment and even personalizing the terms to either help or hinder the individual.

One problem that Johnson Jr. might face as a defendant is his criminal record. This incident marks a new set of violent crime charges that violated a probationary sentence for a previous felony. The Judge who initially presided over Johnson Jr.’s case will most likely see this type of violation as a message that Johnson Jr. is unwilling to change. However, with the help of an experienced Jacksonville assault crimes defense attorney, Johnson Jr. could persuade the Judge to render a much lighter punishment that would involve counseling, house arrest or a slightly longer probation, rather than just incarceration.

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