Florida Man on Trial for Murder Will Get Makeup for Trial

A New Port Richey man is going on trial for murder in Florida. The state attorney is seeking the death penalty and Allen Ditullio has many Nazi tattoos. His Florida criminal defense lawyer filed a motion with the court to allow the state of Florida to pay for a makeup artist to cover up the offensive tattoos. The court granted permission because the tattoos could influence the jury negatively, thus preventing Ditullio from receiving a fair trial.

In Jacksonville, it is rare for a judge to allow the defendant to cover up any tattoos, especially if the tattoos help identify the suspect. For example, a prosecutor in Florida can make a defendant stand up and show identifying features to the jury if they can show that the features are relevant in some way to the case. If a witness saw the defendant commit a crime and said he had a rose tattoo on his hand, that is relevant to show the identity of the perpetrator.

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