Florida Man Robs Store After Filling Out Job Application

Anthony Thomas of Ocala, Florida was arrested for allegedly stealing cash out of a register from a gas station after applying for a job. According to the store clerk, Thomas came into the Martin Oil gas station looking for a summer job, filled out the application, and thereafter reached over the counter a few times and managed to grab $130, in total, out of the store register while the clerk had his back. Police were able to track down Thomas because he left all his real contact information on the job application he previously filled out and gave to the clerk. Thomas was charged with burglary, resisting an officer with violence, and petty theft.

A theft crime is the criminal act of taking another person’s property without his/her consent. Theft crimes range in severity from petty theft (misdemeanor) to grand theft (felony). A petty theft crime is when a person steals another person’s property and the property is valued below $300. If a person steals property that is valued at over $300, he/she can be charged with grand theft.

In this case, Thomas was charged with a number of different theft crimes, including burglary. In order to be properly convicted of this crime, one must enter a dwelling, structure or conveyance with the intent to commit a crime inside, unless they are a licensee, or invited to enter. Even with such license or invitation, if a person is requested to leave and refuses to do so with criminal intent, burglary can still be charged against them.

In this case, Thomas did steal the money from the register. However, his statements and actions do not necessarily mean that he had the requisite criminal intent when he entered the gas station. For all the authorities know, the idea of committing a theft crime may not have entered his mind until after entering the store. In this case, the crime Thomas should have been arrested for was robbery, a crime that the evidence might actually prove. In many situations, charges are not properly brought and should be dismissed for lack of evidence to support that charge. Unfortunately, those charges are not always dropped.

Most theft crimes in Florida are crimes of opportunity. The people committing these crimes act without thinking about the consequences. This leaves the perpetrator of such a crime in serious trouble. When one commits a criminal act such as petty theft, one is committing crimes out of impulse, which many times helps show authorities one did not plan the crime. When the actions and circumstances are presented to a judge to review, the court can choose to treat it with a more favorable outcome.

There are many options one may choose when charged with a crime, but these options are subject to disappear the longer one waits to choose.Fortunately, one does have an option for relief. One should contact an experienced attorney who can work with the Judge. When one’s case is pled to a Judge who sees a remorseful accused party, one’s punishment often times is extremely small or nonexistent.

Fortunately, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one can be sure that one will not be a victim in a fight one cannot win on one’s own.

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