Florida Man Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Fatal I-95 DUI Crash

Jacksonville’s citizens make mistakes at times; the legal system is aware that people are not perfect. Some people continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. A person in this situation will be looked at by the court as hopeless. However, if one in a situation like this obtains an experienced attorney to fight the case, one will have the best defense possible so that one may attempt to fix one’s problems and rise to a better future.

According to Florida Today, Ryan C. Kremer has been sentenced to two years in prison, as well as two years of house arrest, eleven years’ probation, and 440 hours of community service for a fatal DUI on I-95 in 2010. The State Prosecutors overseeing Kremer’s case asked for between a 10.5 year minimum sentence, as is normally given to those without a criminal record, and the maximum fifteen year sentence.

Under Florida Statute 782.071, vehicular homicide is a first degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison. However, the agony one faces at the hands of the court system can begin much sooner than the time that one enters jail. The very nature of court proceedings can be very trying on someone accused of such a crime, especially when dealing with the thought that they might have done something like this.

A DUI-manslaughter charge is a 2nd degree felony with a 4 year minimum mandatory sentence. Because a DUI-manslaughter charge is a 2nd degree felony, the accused will “score” right at 10.5 years out of a possible 15 year maximum. These cases are very emotional for both the victim’s family and the defendant’s family. The typical defendant of a DUI-manslaughter charge has a very minimal record, if any, and instantly faces a long prison sentence. No one plans on getting a DUI. Certainly no one plans on killing a friend or stranger while driving drunk. The difference in the two DUI’s is merely luck.

Nobody plans to get a DUI. Most people are just trying to get home. The best advice any lawyer can give is to not drive after you have consumed any alcohol. Find another way to get home or stay off the roads. One’s best advice is to never drive when one has consumed alcohol.

The police and the State will attempt to sway one into submission and cooperate. Many times, even if guilt is obvious, the authorities will still try to coax the accused into saying more incriminating statements that will yield more unfavorable results. However, one should not say anything to the police, friends, family or anyone else other than an experienced Jacksonville DUI manslaughter defense attorney who will fight for your case and ensure that your rights are protected.

One in a situation like this may face much opposition in the legal system, as well as inner turmoil caused by the crime. However, one’s experienced attorney will be one’s advocate and protector in one’s fight for a better future. An experienced attorney could argue statutory mitigating factors, allowing the court the option to depart from a guideline sentence minimum. One’s future may be at risk when one is charged with a DUI. One needs a knowledgeable and experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer to fight the case. Don’t allow your life to be ruined by a DUI charge. Defend yourself.

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