Florida Man Shoots Girlfriend In Quest For Hog

Jacksonville’s hunters have a love for a sport that goes beyond just an end-of-line goal. Hunters love the thrill of the hunt. However, what they do not love is when they are charged because of accidental gunfire that causes the death or serious harm of another. If one has been in a situation such as this, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Steve Egan shot his girlfriend in the upper part of her legs with a .30 caliber rifle at a hunting camp in Flagler County. The gunshot was said to occur after Egan shot a what he thought was a wild pig, and then shot again, not even realizing his girlfriend was in the line of fire. His girlfriend, Lisa Simmons, has been listed in serious condition.

Jacksonville gun crimes typically involve some sort of intent or negligence on the part of the accused in harming the victim. This could be from an accidental firing of a gun or from an intentional want to kill. Either way, when the charges are filed, the State will attempt to show the worst in a person and show that that person they are describing is a person deserving of a harsh punishment. This is a scary thought for an accused person, because they realize the State is charging at them with everything the State has.

Many times, the State will take an obvious accident case and twist it into “an intent to kill” case. Unfortunately for the accused in a case such as this, one will be described as someone who wanted someone dead and tried to do make sure that want became reality. As bad as this sounds, the State will dive into the very fiber of one’s life and try to dig up as much dirt on one in order to establish a motive to commit the crime in question.

The first thing that will happen when the police come to question one after an accidental accident is attempt one to make statements that would lead to a cause for further investigation. From there, evidence becomes combined here and there, and before long, one has a picture of an intentional commission of a crime against oneself, with little hope of fighting it.

One in a situation such as this has few options. One can either go along with the State as they lead one down the path to one’s prison time for a crime that had no intent behind it, or one can go to obtain an experienced Jacksonville gun crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected. With the help of one’s experienced attorney, one can be sure that one’s statements cannot and will not be able to be used against one’s self for prosecution. One’s words can lead to one’s demise, but one’s words can also lead to one’s victory.

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