Florida Man Suspected of Child Porn Arrested at U.S. – Canadian Border

Jacksonville’s citizens make mistakes; however, the legal system does not see mistakes as mistakes, but rather heinous conduct that will not stop without severe punishments. The accused is then subjected to an extreme punishment for a crime that, many times, the accused never committed themselves. If one has been involved in a similar situation, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Merle Shamblin of Flagler County was arrested on a Flagler county warrant at the U.S.-Canadian border in New York. The arrest came after a warrant was issued for Shamblin, who was wanted in suspicion of 40 counts of child pornography. Shamblin went on the run after a computer repair shop employee fixing Shamblin’s computer noticed the pornography and reported it to police.

Jacksonville child pornography cases are tragic in many ways. The victims are always innocent and defenseless children who never consented to being involved in these images and videos. This is a practice that should not be allowed under any circumstances. However, for the quickly growing number of individuals with wireless internet at their houses, the risk increases for an unknown individual to steal internet and obtain child pornography.

Child Pornography is a third degree felony worthy of five years in prison. This is a big sentence for someone to serve when another individual on a wireless laptop accessing these kinds of materials is most likely the culprit. The reality of the situation is that someone who has just set up their wireless internet or has not password locked it stands a big chance of being falsely accused.

The police and federal agencies track people they think have child pornography with the internet as well. Using the signature left from one’s wireless modem, the authorities can pick up and track certain suspicious internet activity. However, that tracking only goes so far as the modem, leaving the owner of that modem many times at the mercy of the police who will immediately assume guilt where there is none.

Furthermore, the amount of pressure the State will put on the police to make an arrest and charge someone is enormous. Outside pressures to track down and crack down on child pornography crimes are heavy, and many times that pressure leads a police officer to make an arrest on less than what is required. However, one should not suffer because of a police officer’s inability to look at all possible options and possibilities of who might be the perpetrator.

Unfortunately the time and energy required to fight a charge of this nature can be tremendous. However, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville child pornography defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one can be sure that one’s defenses, options and legal rights will be known and protected. One cannot risk going to prison for a long period of time for a crime one did not commit.

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