Florida Man Wanted For Murder Gunned Down By Police Serving Warrant

Florida Man Wanted For Murder Gunned Down By Police Serving Warrant
Jacksonville’s citizens get angry sometimes and say things they should not say. Other times, they do things out of anger that are illegal. However, a person is not guilty just because they have been charged with a crime. Unfortunately for many, the process the State uses to prove guilt is not always fair. One in a situation like this should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure that one’s rights and defense are known and protected.

According to the Cape Coral Daily Breeze, Billy Ray Retherford of North Fort Myers was gunned down by police outside his home. The shooting occurred after Lee County Police attempted to serve a warrant on Retherford in connection with the murder of a Fort Myers woman. Retherford was armed and confronted police, who subsequently shot him.

Jacksonville felony violent crimes cases typically involve someone who has made a serious mistake because of a temporary lapse in judgment. However, just because one made a mistake, does not mean that one must suffer the maximum punishment for the crime, particularly when one is remorseful. However, many accused parties do not know how to seek any avenues of relief that one might take, and suffer the harsh punishments rendered.

Under the Constitution, all warrants issued must be supported by probable cause and must describe the places and things to be search with specificity. Including arrest warrants, requirements for warrants based on probable cause and specificity in description protect one’s rights under the Constitution and stands in the way to protect the accused from shoddy police work. However, many times, accused parties do not know whether the warrant on them was executed properly, resulting in wrongful convictions.

Many times in Jacksonville, an accused party may have received word about a warrant for their arrest being issued and will attempt to evade the police. This action may seem beneficial in the beginning; however, eventually the police will find one, no matter how long they have been on the run. Unfortunately, many Judges may feel no sympathy when punishing one with an outstanding warrant.

Fortunately, one does have an option for relief when one does know about an outstanding warrant on them. As soon as one becomes aware of such warrant, one should contact an experienced attorney who can work with the Judge to recall the warrant in exchange for appearance for court. Many times, when one’s case is pled to a Judge who sees a remorseful accused party, one’s punishment often times is extremely small or nonexistent.

Many times, people accused of violent crimes think that the police will not be able to find them and will eventually give up the search. In this case, if Retherford was guilty of the murder he was accused of, he probably knew that a warrant was out for his arrest. If so, Retherford should have obtained an experienced attorney to recall the warrant and turn himself in, allowing him to stand trial and have his defense mounted for him in court by an attorney, rather than stand gunfire from police and a tragic death.

Many times throughout Jacksonville, accused parties face charges they never knew of and warrants they never thought would be out on them, and because of their lack of knowledge, they suffer at the hands of a cunning legal system. Fortunately, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville felony crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one can be sure that one will not be a victim in a fight one cannot win on one’s own.

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