Florida Man Who Pled No Contest In Sexual Assault Case Sentenced To Life

Jacksonville’s citizens have many different ideas about how they feel they should run their lives, what sorts of activities they enjoy, and differ in actions they do in private. However, when one’s activities encroach on someone else’s dignity, the consequences can be costly. One in a situation like this should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Freddie Owen Felder III of Hastings has been sentenced to life in prison for lewd or lascivious battery against a child younger than 16 after he pleaded no contest to just before his trial. The crime was said to have occurred after Felder III entered in the room of a teenage girl, threatened her with a knife, and then choked and raped her. DNA evidence allegedly put Felder III at the crime scene.

Jacksonville sexual assault crimes typically involve a State attorney who will stop at nothing to either have enough evidence to convict one for a long time, regardless of whether one is innocent or not, or scare one into submission with a plea deal. Although many see plea bargaining as an enemy, many times, plea bargaining can be the best option for one to use to avoid a much worse sentence than is reasonable.

Plea Bargaining is a common practice in the legal system that many times helps and hurts accused parties within the legal system. When one goes before the Judge to enter one’s plea, or acknowledgement of the charges against one and whether one admits or denies one did the crime accused of. However, if one bargains with the State for less time or a probationary sentence in exchange for a plea of guilty, then one might actually receive less time than one might have had the case gone to trial.

Much can affect one’s plea, including evidence and the Judge’s prior sentencing style, that might affect the course of a bargain with the State. Many times, when a person is accused of a sexual assault crime, the State will attempt to scare someone into a plea bargain that is not at all appealing. Particularly when DNA is a factor in prosecution, the State will push hard against one to try to make one fold under and except a deal that will put one behind bars for an excessive amount of time.

Many times, and contrary to popular belief, taking a plea deal can actually be a lifeline that might save one from an even worse punishment. Sometimes, Judges may feel that they must take out their own retribution on defendants in criminal prosecutions, particularly when the charge is of a heinous nature. For example, if one knows that the State has enough evidence to probably convict one of the one’s charge, and one’s Judge is known for handing down minimum heavy sentences for sex crimes, if one is offered a much better plea deal, one’s best bet is to take the deal.

Unfortunately for many accused parties in the legal system, the State will offer bad deals to people who have either simply made mistakes or innocent people who are falsely accused. If one is in a situation such as this, one should not wait for the State to trample on one and go to jail for an excessive amount of time. One should obtain an experienced Jacksonville sex crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

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