Florida Medical Worker Turns Herself In For Illegally Obtaining Prescription Drugs

Jacksonville has many professions that allow for a substantial amount of leniency in practice, particularly in the area of honesty. Many people are relied upon to represent themselves as honest and responsible individuals because of their position in society. At the end of the day, though, that person has the same issues as everyone else in society. That person needs the best representation for their defense only an experienced attorney can provide.

According to the Bradenton Herald, Kelly Lynn Braunstein of Sarasota has been charged with calling in fraudulent pain medication prescriptions for herself. Her arrest comes after the pharmacy began noticing double prescriptions from the same doctor’s office and reported it to police, who under further investigation, found the offender to be Braunstein. After another investigation of Braunstein’s accounts and a stent at another office, Braunstein turned herself in.

Jacksonville drug crimes cases range in variety of ways, including quantity, type of drug, and location of acquiring the drug. However, all drug cases have a common element: the weakness of the individual to turn toward an controlled substance. This weakness takes many to depths they would not have ever imagined. However, those depths may provide a defense for one to explore.

The State will attempt to paint a picture of a person who used some element of their private or work life to enhance their ability of obtaining the substances. In this case, Braunstein would be shown to have used her position in the doctor’s office to obtain drugs. However, an experienced attorney could paint a much different picture of a person who was put in an even worse position by being in a job that required her to be constantly around her weakness.

Another factor that plays into one’s drugs defense is a showing to the court that one is willing to cooperate and that one is remorseful. This portion of one’s defense becomes essential when one’s case has a substantial majority of evidence that would help the Prosecution convict. The best course of action in a situation like this is to turn one’s self in. The more one can do to help one’s defense, the better. If one can show the court that one has changed one’s ways and is willing to cooperate.

In this case, Braunstein turned herself in to the police. This will help her case in a dramatic way because when she goes before a Judge for sentencing, not only will she have an experienced attorney by her side, but she will also have the showing of her remorse, which may sway the Judge to give her a much lighter sentence.

In situations like this, one will be scared of the consequences of one’s actions and will not know what to do. However, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes attorney, one will have the best defense possible to fight for one’s case, and know exactly what to do and how to do it to ensure a better outcome that previously expected.

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