Florida Police Officer Accused of DUI

Altamonte Springs police officer, Ashley Rowe, will likely be arrested for DUI causing bodily harm after an accident in December. While she was off-duty she hit a tree and her passenger was badly injured. When taken to the hospital, Rowe’s blood was drawn and her blood alcohol level was .15, which is considered double the legal limit in Florida. Rowe has resigned from the Altamonte Springs police department.

As a DUI lawyer in Jacksonville, I see many DUI’s causing serious bodily harm. An ordinary DUI or DUI with an accident with no injury is considered a first degree misdemeanor. If someone is injured in an accident and the driver who contributed to the accident in any way is intoxicated, the DUI becomes a felony.

In any accident where someone is seriously injured or someone dies, the police will take the driver’s blood, with or without their consent. It usually takes the Florida Department of Law Enforcement one to two months to get the results. During that time, there are no criminal charges pending against the driver. They are free to do anything and go anywhere they want. As soon as the results come back and the blood alcohol level is .08 or over, the police will get an arrest warrant signed. In almost every case, they ask for a high bond to be set for the accused citing that the person is a danger to the community. Apparently, the accused was not a danger in the one to two months it took to get a blood result.

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