Florida Police Officers Leave Note for Suspected Marijuana Grower

Police in Monroe County found six pot plants and wanted to know who the grower was. They left a note and took the plants into custody. The “ransom” note left a phone number for the grower to call to get his plants back. Minutes later, a man called and offered the police $200.00 to get his pot back. When he arrived to pay, police arrested him after he handed over the money.

The grower could have been charged with a couple of crimes in Florida. One is called cultivation of marijuana and the other is possession of pot with the intent to sell. They are both third degree felonies punishable for up to 5 years in prison.

With the possession charge, the state attorney would have to prove that the man was growing the plants with the intent to distribute pot. In these pot arrests in Jacksonville, police will usually have more evidence than just the pot plant itself. They will often find baggies, grow lights, and scales.

For the cultivation of pot charge to stick, state attorneys would have to prove that you possessed at least one marijuana plant with evidence of root hairs.

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