Florida Police On Lookout For “Polo” Brand Retail Thieves

Police in Melbourne, Florida are on the hunt for two more thieves connected to a retail theft team with a taste for Polo brand clothing allegedly responsible for stealing over $10,000 worth of merchandise. On Aug. 20, police released photos of two women they believe went into Macy’s at Melbourne Square Mall on at least three occasions and stuffed men’s Polo brand shirts into empty shopping bags, then left without paying.

Most retailers are aware of the seriousness of making a false arrest, and will only attempt to apprehend a person if their guilt is undoubted. For any years, the only certain way to apprehend the thief was to catch them in the act. Many stores have employed loss prevention officers who patrol the store looking for potential thieves. Unfortunately for many, the accusation of thievery is brought and a criminal investigation ensues, sometimes rightfully, and sometimes, against the falsely-accused.

With the revolution of technology, cameras, and other forms of recording faces and video, theft crimes are becoming harder and hard to get away with. Department stores now have 24 hour security, advance alarm systems, some stores even having laser trip-systems. One should not trip oneself up in the legal system by having one’s picture not only associated with a theft crime but plastered all across news stations and papers for one’s neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers to see, all for what many times is a simple petty theft charge.

Being pursued by the authorities for a charge of theft can be embarrassing and costly on its own, but can be even more costly many times if one does not cooperate Many times, individuals spend weeks or months attempting to evade police because of either not wanting to deal with the charge, or actively missing a court date because one is fearful of the consequences. However, running from one’s crimes only complicates the matter when one is apprehended. It is more beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney who give one options that may involve restitution payments and fines, but a better likelihood of no jail time.
America’s poor economy is linked to a rise in novice thefts. People who are normally law-abiding citizens are turning to amateur thefts to supplement their incomes. Some of these thefts come from pure self-necessity; others steal to re-sell or give to their families. No matter the case, if the property stolen is valued at more than $300, one will be charged with a felony, and with that, exposes oneself to a number of penalties, including both jail and expensive fines.

Many times, thieves will steal an item and resell it the next day at a flea market or yard sale even, as old and “pre-owned” property. Many stores, such as Plato’s Closet, cater to those who sell back “gently-used” name-brand clothing for resale at more affordable prices. For many, stores like this and thrift stores that buy used clothing become a gold mine for thieves looking to flip smaller thefts for greater profits.

Fortunately, if one is in such a situation and one obtains an experienced attorney, one’s attorney will be able to challenge the evidence against one, including witness testimony, questioning the conduct and manner of the arrest or search, or how evidence was processed by law enforcement.

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Additional Source: More suspects sought in connection with Polo theft team, FloridaToday.com

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