Florida Probation Definitions

Our Jacksonville Probation Law Firm handles many cases that result in probation. Probation is a form of community supervision that requires you complete specific conditions and meet with a probation officer. Probation sentences are given when someone has no or a minimal criminal record.

Here are some terms associated with probation in Jacksonville:

Administrative Probation – a form of probation where you do not have to physically report to a specific probation officer. The person put on this probation is considered a low risk to the community. After being on this type of probation for half the stated term, you can go on a non-reporting status until the expiration of the term.

Community Control – a more intensive form of supervised custody. You can be restricted to your county, home, or residential placement during the duration of the community control. Community Control is individualized to each person placed on it. It could include ankle monitors or you keeping a log about where you have been.

Drug Offender Probation – a form of probation that emphasized drug treatment. You will be required to attend AA or NA meetings, get a drug evaluation, be subjected to random urine tests, along with other conditions.

Sex Offender Probation – intense supervision with or without electronic monitoring (ankle monitor). This is the most difficult probation to complete and requires attendance and completion of a sex offender psychological program, mandatory curfew, random searches of your home and person, restrictions on where you live, etc.

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