Florida Seat Belt Laws Getting Tougher?

Lawmakers in Tallahassee are considering changing Florida law to make not wearing your seat belt a primary offense. That means that police can pull you over if they see you are not wearing the safety device.

Under current Florida law, the police have to see you commit another traffic infraction before they are able to pull you over. Once pulled over, if you don’t have your seat belt on, they can issue you a separate ticket for that. Some lawmakers in Tallahassee say making not wearing your seat belt a primary offense will get the state more federal money and save more lives, but the consequences to citizens may be drastic. What is interesting is that, in Florida, you are able to ride a motorcycle without a helment if you have insurance, but you cannot be in a 3,000 pound vehicle without a seat belt. Safety should be a concern for all, not just some.

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