Florida Sergeant Arrested for Doctor Shopping in Florida

A police sergeant in West Palm Beach has been arrested for pill trafficking and withholding information from a doctor in order to obtain pills (also referred to as doctor shopping in Florida). John Goodbread was with the Broward County police for 22 years and has been suspended. He is accused with getting prescriptions from at least five different doctors and filling them for OxyContin and hydrocodone from April 2009 to December 2010. The doctors have told police they did not know about the other doctors.

Trafficking in oxycodone or hydrocodone is a serious offense in Florida. Any person who sells, buys, manufactures, delivers or is in actual or constructive possession of between 4 grams and 14 grams of the pills and is convicted of the crime is facing a minimum of three years in prison with a fine of $50,000.00. If the person has between 14 grams and 28 grams of pills, there is a fifteen year minimum and a fine of $100,000.00. If you have over 28 grams but less than 30 kilograms of the pills, you are facing a twenty-five year minimum mandatory and a $500,000.00 fine.

There are also other crimes associated with pills, also referred to as controlled substances. One crime is doctor shopping. It is illegal to withhold information from a doctor from whom you try to get a controlled substance or a prescription when you have already received the controlled substance or prescription from another doctor within the past 30 days. Doctor shopping is a third degree felony and is punishable by up to five years in Florida prison.

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