Florida Sex Offender Arrested At Texas Home For Probation Violation

Randolph Carroll Flinn, a sex offender from San Leon, Texas, sought since 2006 on a Florida warrant, was denied bond on a fugitive from justice hold related to allegations he violated his probation in Santa Rosa County in Florida. Flinn was originally charged in Florida in relation to a case that involved lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. Flinn came to the attention of the sheriff’s office during an investigation into possible fraudulent activities involving the elderly.

Many times in Jacksonville, people are accused and convicted of crimes, and are released on probation. For many, a small violation could cause a warrant to be issued for one’s arrest, a warrant one may not know about. For others, one simply moves out of state. In the meantime, the Court that issued the probation will issue a warrant for one’s arrest for violation of probation. One will be extradited back to Florida if one is arrested on the fugitive warrant in another state.

More likely than not, if one is being sought after by police on a fugitive warrant, one will eventually be arrested. While awaiting extradition, one will be required to sit in jail. However, an experienced Jacksonville warrants/extradition defense attorney can petition the court to temporarily withdraw the warrant so that one can be released from jail in the other state, and then voluntarily drive oneself to Florida to surrender directly to the court to resolve the case.

There are many benefits of avoiding extradition including:
– avoiding thousands of dollars in required reimbursement costs for extradition
– avoiding bond posting or paying a bail bonds premium
– avoiding sitting in jail while awaiting extradition
– not suffering the actual extradition bus ride to Florida, and
– avoiding sitting in jail in Florida while waiting for one’s first court date which may take more than 90 days.

On many occasions, the judge may decide to withdraw the warrant and terminate the probation so that one never has to return to Florida to answer the charges that one violated probation. This usually requires one to show that the probation warrant is extremely old, and that one has turned one’s life around and become a productive member of society without any new charges.

With the case of criminal charges, an experienced attorney could petition the court in Florida to withdraw the fugitive warrant to avoid extradition.

Although difficult in most cases, an attorney in the area where one is being held can petition the court to allow one to post bond on the fugitive warrant. This is usually the least desirable option because it is usually more efficient to hire an attorney in the area where the warrant was issued. In some cases, one may wish to hire an attorney in both jurisdictions if one intends to fight extradition.

Many find themselves in similar situations and are not aware that warrants are out for their arrest, causing them to miss court dates. However, if one does nothing, one may be arrested when one least expects it, as a police officer will arrest one if he or she discovers the Jacksonville Arrest Warrant. If one is in a similar situation, one should obtain an experienced attorney to have the warrant or capias recalled and if the warrant is invalid, be able to show that warrant’s invalidity.

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