Florida Teens Suffer At The Hands Of Synthetic Marijuana

Jacksonville’s youth and adults have addictions. Some can be as simple as tv shows or sportscenter. However, when that addiction causes problems with one being able to function in normal society or even private life, one’s life flips upside down. Much worse is the effects on one’s life when the addiction becomes a charge in the legal system. However, if one obtains an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case, one will have the best defense possible and can be sure that one can get the treatment one needs to move on and have a better drug free life.

According to the Bradenton-Herald, a substantial amount of Florida’s teenagers have popped up on the radar for charges of drug use. Many people know of teenagers’ recreational drug use in society and in many areas of society, this use is accepted. However, use of synthetic marijuana is and has been increasing in teenagers lives, having majorly detrimental effects on not only one’s personal life, but life in the legal system when these teenagers are accused of this use.

Jacksonville drug crimes that involve juveniles are typically cases of peer pressure. Most cases of drug use by minors involves their drug use starting out with very occasional marijuana use. However, this casual use springs into a full-fledged addiction for many of Florida’s adolescents. These addictions have some of the worst affects, particularly when their original drug of choice does not do the trick anymore.

Synthetic Marijuana, also known as K2, Serenity Now, Red Magic, Black Mamba, Mr. Sticky and other names, is typically sold over the counter in incense form. The packaging of this substance has labeled “Not for human consumption”, however, as most know, teenagers do not always follow warning labels. This substance causes hallucinations, increased anxiety, and according to some doctors, psychosis.

This substance was added to the list of controlled substances last year, as its effects over a long period of time can cause major damage to the heart, liver, and other areas of the body. The State is attempting to crack down on the mass use of this drug before it becomes as wide spread as other common drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. However, the State may not be kind to the drug’s unfortunate victims.

If one or one’s child has been accused of partaking in this illegal substance, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes attorney to fight for one’s case. One is already suffering from the harmful effects of an addiction; one should not suffer at the hands of the legal system as well. An experienced attorney can bring to light one’s struggle with addiction. One needs a help up, not a lock down.

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