Florida Woman Makes Drive-thru Stop at Publix, 10 Injured

Jacksonville’s elderly have an astounding amount of mobility for the amount of stress they have put on themselves from working hard labor jobs and trying to put food on the table for their families. Unfortunately, our city’s elderly do not always have their mental capacities and quickness about them for driving purposes. However, that does not mean that that elderly person should go to jail for an accident they did not intend to happen. One in a situation like this should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Thelma Wagenhoffer of Palm Coast ran her car into a Publix, injuring ten people. The crime was said to occur as around 1:25 in the afternoon, when Wagenhoffer for unknown reasons kept going and ran her car straight into the doors of the grocery store. No one was seriously harmed, Wagenhoffer herself sustaining no injuries. The police are still investigating the incident.

Jacksonville traffic violations cases normally involve an accused party that is within their 20-40’s. At that age, many people feel the need to drive faster or more reckless, and thus are more prone to accidents and mishaps on the road. However, when the accused is an elderly person, the considerations for prosecution as well as possible defenses change dramatically.
Many times throughout Jacksonville ,the accused can also be the victim of the system. In this situation, Wagenhoffer is 76-years-old, an older, frail woman who has just been thrown into the clutches of the legal system. She is shaken up that this kind of accident happened, and even more shaken up at the possibility of having to face harsh penalties for something she most likely did not mean to commit.

Unfortunately for many people in the system, the reality of accidents can be enough to shock one’s conscience into sorrow and remorse. However, the State does not always take that remorse into account when attacking the accused, even if the accused is elderly. Fortunately for one in a situation such as this, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville traffic violations defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one can be sure that one will have the best defense possible to one’s charge and that one will not become victim of the State.

In this case, one’s attorney could negotiate with the Judge to allow this elderly person to continue to live on outside of the legal system, and, should the Judge feel a need to punish this poor woman, the most punishment would be a driver’s license revocation. Any other punishment in this sad case would be too much of a cruel and unusual burden on a woman of her age.

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