Florida Women Arrested After Flashing For Booze Money

Jacksonville’s citizens sometimes feel the need to consume alcoholic beverages. However, those people who consume too much, sometimes resort to desperate measures to ensure that they can get that alcohol. This does not mean that they are bad people, and an experienced attorney can make sure that if they are arrested, they can get the help they need to recover and start anew.

According to the Miami Herald, two women were arrested for offering to flash people at a bar an in return, have their bar tab paid. These arrests came after the manager of the bar asked them to leave, followed by one of the women attack a worker at the bar at knife point. The cook finally had to drag them out of the bar, take their keys away, and call the police.

Jacksonville assault crimes are interesting cases to deal with, especially when alcohol is involved. Most assault cases involve some sort of disgruntled defendant who does not like the result of someone’s actions or inactions. However, some defendants would not be defendants but for an addiction.

Many times, when the accused committed the crime, they were not in the right mental state to make a rational decision. In this case, both the defendants seemed inebriated to the point that the cook at the bar had to take their keys. People make mistakes when they are drunk, and that altered state of mind may provide an option for a defendant.

Many times, the State will look to punish the defendant roughly in order to deter that defendant or set of defendants from ever doing a crime like that or any crime ever again. However, many times, the defendant has already made that choice to never do any crime intentionally ever again. At this point in the case, the defendant needs rehabilitation and counseling, not jail time.

The legal system employs a very helpful and pro-defendant procedure for defendants and their attorneys to use. The Straight plea is a manner in which rather than accept an offer for a guilty plea from the State, one’s attorney pleas directly to the judge, explaining mitigating factors and other factors that might make the judge be kinder to the defendant.

Many times, the State will offer a lower sentence to a defendant who they believe they have a stron case against. However, the plea deal that the State offers will not typically be on the lower end of the punishment scale. Many times in plea deal negotiations, the State will not budge on the option they offer. Thus, going forward with a straight plea can be the best option and when used appropriately, can be the safer option.

In this case, it is easy to see from the article that one of the women did not play a part in the actual attack. Furthermore, from what can be gathered, these women both struggle for income and probably have some sort of alcohol problem. These factors and others could be brought before a Judge by an experienced Jacksonville assault crimes attorney, and if argued properly, can ensure that the accused receives help from the legal system, rather than a detrimental prison sentence.

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Additional Source: Women arrested after offering to expose themselves for beer money, The Miami Herald

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