Former Assistant State Attorney Arrested for Domestic Battery in Panama City, Florida

An ex-assistant state attorney was arrested for domestic battery in Florida. William Price was a prosecutor for 2 years and is now a criminal defense attorney in Panama City. Police responded to a dispute and claim to have found the alleged victim cut and bleeding. Police report that Price allegedly called the alleged victim after the incident and harassed her. The domestic battery charge carries up to 1 year in jail and is a first degree misdemeanor.

It is very easy to get arrested for domestic battery in Jacksonville. If JSO responds to a domestic dispute, someone is going to jail. It usually is the man who gets arrested of if it is a man and a woman who are involved in the fight. Police will look for any physical marks on the alleged victim’s body. They will also look for an “independent” witness to the touching.

In order to prove a domestic battery, the prosecutor must prove that you intentionally touched someone against their will or intentionally harmed someone.

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