Former Buccaneers Player Freed From Violation of Probation Charge

Tampa Circuit Court Judge Daniel Perry dismissed the affidavit of probation violation against former NFL player Jerramy Stevens, after investigating whether or not he assaulted U.S. Soccer goaltender Hope Solo. The couple married the next day. However, Florida prosecutors said Stevens had violated his probation regarding a previous marijuana-related charge. He was arrested and jailed before a judge ordered him released.

The State Attorney’s office has seen a dramatic rise in the number of Violations of Probation that it prosecutes over the last few years,. This is to some extent due to a “zero tolerance” standard that was imposed after a rise in probation violators who were not in custody being able to commit serious crimes.

“Technical” violations of probation in Jacksonville can come in many forms. Examples of a technical violation can include:
– failure to obtain or maintain lawful employment,
– failure to complete a court ordered program such as DUI school or anger management classes,
– failure to pay fines/costs/restitution,
– failing a drug test
– failure to meet your probation officer when required to do so,
– failure to complete community service hours,
“New law” violations occur when is on probation and is arrested and subsequently charged with a new criminal offense. A “new law” violation can result from any new arrest or charge. One minor infraction can turn into a probation revocation and a harsh prison sentence. One needs an experienced criminal defense attorney at one’s side to ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected.

A violation of probation (VOP) proceeding differs in many ways from being charged with a new crime. Because one has been previously sentenced to probation, one has less protection than if one was charged with a new crime. When one goes for a VOP proceeding, one must consider certain factors:

– Guilt does not have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt
– No right to jury trial in a violation hearing
– No right to a bond while awaiting a hearing,
– No statute of limitations effecting the VOP charge, and
– Hearsay is admissible
There are defenses to a violation of probation and that an experienced attorney could provide for those accused of violating their probation. If one obtains an experienced Jacksonville probation violations defense attorney, one will be able to ensure an aggressive defense. Get an experienced attorney who will work towards obtaining a hearing and gaining a favorable recommendation from the probation officer, so one can be free of a very powerful State-operated legal system.

The Forbess Law Firm has been aiding clients who face criminal charges in Jacksonville for years and are here to provide aggressive criminal defense to anyone accused of a crime. If you or a loved one require a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, contact our firm today. We are available through our website or by calling us at 904-634-0900.

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