Former DCF Worker Enters Plea to Official Misconduct in Child Abuse Case in Jacksonville

A former Florida Department of Children and Families worker has entered a plea of guilty to Official Misconduct for falsifying a report in a child abuse case in Jacksonville. Quakeita Anderson entered the plea to the third degree felony of official misconduct, which means she was a public servant at the time of the crime of falsifying an official record while having a corrupt intent. Anderson was accused of closing one of her child abuse investigations in Jacksonville without conducting a final visit with the family, as required. Even though she did not make the visit, Anderson put in her report that she did in fact make the visit.

Quakeita Anerson entered the plea because it was in her best interest, according to court documents. The judge will determine, after a sentencing hearing, whether or not to adjudicate Anderson guilty of the felony or withhold adjudication of guilt. The rest of Anderson’s sentence will be six months probation to perform 50 hours of community service. Once Anderson completes the community service in Jacksonville, early termination of probation will be authorized. The state attorney elected to drop the other charge, which was Falsifying Records, a third degree felony.

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