Former Probation Officer Dies In Florida Prison On 15-Year Sex Crime Conviction

Officials from the Florida Department of Corrections said Richard Straub, former Danielson probation officer and supervisor, convicted of sexually assaulting young men for years while working as a probation officer in Danielson died in a Florida prison, 76, who worked in the Danielson probation office for more than 20 years as a chief probation officer and supervisor. Much of Straub’s time was spent with the youthful offender program, which involves alternatives to incarceration for those age 18 or younger. Straub was convicted in 1999 of assaulting several of his charges from 1986 to 1996. Straub, facing 220 abuse charges, was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading no contest.

Florida courts may place a youthful offender under supervision on probation or in a community control program, with or without an adjudication of guilt, under such conditions as the court may lawfully impose for a period of not more than 6 years. Such period of supervision may not exceed the maximum sentence for the offense for which the youthful offender was found guilty.

One may be sentenced as a Youthful offender in Jacksonville if:

– One is found guilty, one pleas guilty, or pleas nolo contendere (no contest), to a crime that is a felony if one is younger than 21 years of age at the time sentence is imposed; and
– One is 18 years of age or one has been transferred for prosecution to the criminal division of the circuit court.
– One has not previously been classified as a youthful offender; however, a person who has been found guilty of a capital or life felony may not be sentenced as a YO under the Youthful Offender Act.

Once the child is processed, they may be released back to the custody of their parents in certain cases. In other cases, involving more serious offenses the child will be transported to the County Juvenile Detention Center. This center is similar to the Jail in many respects but is designed for children so that there is no contact with adult offenders, to ensure that juvenile offenders are not harmed by adult offenders. However, juvenile offenders cannot always combat their probation or supervisory officer from harmful law enforcement misconduct.

In cases like this involving law enforcement misconduct, law enforcement officers may attempt to cover up their crime by trumping up criminal charges against the victim of their abuse. Many times after a civil rights violation, the law enforcement officers will charge the victim of the police misconduct with obstructing justice or resisting arrest with or without violence.

When it comes to one’s child’s future, one needs an experienced Jacksonville juvenile crimes defense attorney who has represented children accused of a variety of crimes and is knowledgeable in juvenile delinquency laws. In these cases, parents of children harmed by officers in the legal system often feel the pain of not being able to have one’s child released sooner to stop or avoid the harm entirely. As parents, the best thing one can do is hire an experienced attorney who can guide and support one through this difficult time. One’s child’s future is the highest priority and as such, one’s child’s defense should be just as high a priority.

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