Ft. Meyers Police Department Fires Clerks for Misuse of Data

The Ft. Meyers police department has dismissed 2 clerks who were charged with entering information for the department. Helen Lehman and Carol Bass have been fired for using the information database, DAVID. DAVID stands for the “Florida Driver and Vehicle Identification Database”. In addition to a driver’s history, the system also stores driver’s license pictures. The women were looking up potential suitors before dates.

When Jacksonville police pull you over, they often run a DAVID check. The system also allows police to see your title information and any potential liens. This helps JSO when they make an arrest for a felony in Jacksonville. If you used your car in the commission of a felony, they can seize it. JSO checks to see if your car is paid off and if it is, there is a greater chance they will choose to seize it.

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