Homeless Man Arrested in Connection With Jacksonville Murder

A recent argument ended in a 46-year-old being shot to death and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arresting a 54-year-old transient, The Florida Times-Union reports.

Murder charges in Jacksonville carry the most serious penalties and therefore must be defended the most aggressively. And while television crime shows make a murder investigation look easy, they are very complex and there are many factors that must be considered.An experienced and aggressive Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney must be brought in on these types of cases in order to ensure a defendant gets the best possible representation.

In this case, the 54-year-old transient faces a charge of murder. According to the newspaper’s account, authorities don’t know why the victim and, allegedly, the suspect got into an argument at the man’s home on Moncrief Road.

Witnesses reported hearing several gunshots and then saw a man with a gun in his hand walk away quickly, police said. Detectives believe the two got into an argument and then the man returned and shot the victim to death.

The homeless man has a criminal record in Jacksonville dating back 25 years. Among the charges is a 1996 arrest on charges of murder and accessory after the fact. But the murder charge was dropped and he was sentenced to five years in prison on the accessory after the fact charge.

The article doesn’t state how witnesses were able to identify this man as the shooter. Police found him the next day, which probably wasn’t difficult because most transients frequent the same area over and over and police on patrol typically know where they stay.

But there’s nothing to indicate how the men knew each other, how a homeless man would have a gun and why police believe this man committed the crime. There are a lot of holes that must be filled in.

And that is sometimes the big hurdle for prosecutors. Police sometimes make a quick arrest and leave the state in a tough position. Do they go ahead with charges and put a person’s liberty on the line or do they drop charges and risk public outcry that sometimes comes with that? State Attorneys are elected and politics do play a role in these decisions, whether that is said or not.

And that shouldn’t be the case. Prosecutors should bring charges that they can prove, not what they hope they can prove despite having little or no proof. And while it’s frustrating that good people get charged, it’s good to know that dedicated Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorneys are available to defend people from the allegations.

Too many times, people try to defend themselves or don’t do research an attorney and end up paying for it. A good lawyer will research the facts, the law, file motions, aggressively question the state’s case and prepare a solid defense at trial. For murder charges in Jacksonville, an attorney can do nothing less.

The Forbess Law Firm has been aiding clients who face criminal charges in Jacksonville for more than a decade and are here to provide aggressive criminal defense to anyone accused of a crime. If you or a loved one require a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, contact our firm today. We are available through our website or by calling us at 904-634-0900.

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