How can you violate an injunction for protection against domestic violence in Jacksonville?

When an injunction is entered against you, whether it is permanent or temporary, there are many ways you can violate it. If you are found in violation of an injunction in Jacksonville, you can be arrested for a misdemeanor facing up to a year in jail.

The ways you can violate are:

1. You refuse to leave the house that you share with the petitioner.

2. You go within 500 feet of the petitioner.

3. You go within 500 feet of the petitioner’s house, school, or work.

4. You get in touch with the petitioner yourself or through someone else.

5. You batter the petitioner.

6. You refuse to give up your gun if you are mandated to give it up in the injunction.

It is very easy to get arrested for violation of injunction. If you think you are going to be arrested or you have been, you should contact a Jacksonville Injunction Attorney to go over your case.

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