How does Jacksonville’s Crime Rate Compare to Miami and Tampa?

Jacksonville’s crime rate has been the subject of much discussion during the past year. With police shootings, murders, and violent crimes on the rise in 2008, how did Jacksonville rank compared with other Florida cities in 2007?

The FBI released crime numbers from 2007 on many U.S. cities. Here is how Jacksonville compares to Miami and Tampa on crimes:

Violent Crimes Overall – Jacksonville ranks the lowest.

Murder – Jacksonville ranks second with Miami having the highest number.

Rape – Jacksonville had the most rapes.

Robbery – Jacksonville had the second highest number of robberies.

Aggravated Assault – Jacksonville had the lowest number of agg. assaults in 2007.

Thefts – Jacksonville had the most larcenies/thefts.

It will be interesting to see how Jacksonville ranks among Florida cities on crimes committed in 2008.

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