How often are crimes committed in Florida?

Our Jacksonville criminal law firm handles criminal cases exclusively. As Northeast Florida criminal defense attorneys, we are constantly tracking arrest data in Jacksonville and all over the State of Florida. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement keeps track of crime statistics throughout the state. The department has developed a “crime clock”, which calculates the frequency of the commission of certain crimes based on the previous year’s numbers.

Here are the numbers:

A violent crime is committed in Florida every 4 minutes, 38 seconds.

A property crime is committed every 44 seconds in Florida.

One murder is committed every 8 hours, 37 minutes.

One sex crime is committed every 52 minutes.

A rape is committed every 1 hour, 36 minutes.

A robbery is committed in Florida every 17 minutes.

One aggravated assault is committed in Florida every 7 minutes.

One burglary is committed every 3 minutes in Florida.

A theft is committed every minute.

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