Husband Speaks Out To Media In Jacksonville Triple-Assault Case

Jacksonville’s citizens can sometimes be very dramatic and sometimes very violent when they are dramatic. For many, violence against friends and family members will bring about the consequence of a criminal case being brought against them. If one has been in a similar situation, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Rico Gray, husband to the recently convicted Marissa Alexander, has spoken to the media about the events surrounding the shooting Alexander was accused of. The shooting, according to Gray, occurred after Gray and Alexander began fighting. Alexander then allegedly grabbed a gun, loaded it, and fired at Gray and the couple’s two children. Alexander has been sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Jacksonville assault crimes typically involve an action on the part of the accused that is unreasonable given the circumstances, but acceptable in the mind of the accused at the time. Unfortunately for the accused, in such instances, the legal system does not agree. However, the mental state of the accused is an avenue that can be used to either lessen one’s amount of time one would serve, or not serve any time at all.

Many times in Jacksonville, people are victimized in the relationships that participate in, and retaliate with force to make the victimization stop. Unfortunately for many accused individuals within the legal system, the reality of home life is more than one could take and because one reacted in the manner in which they thought adequately protected themselves from harm, the consequence one faces is an even worse harm than the harm one was trying to escape from.

In this case, Alexander was denied immunity under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law, which allows someone to use deadly force if they fear that imminent harm is upon them. In this case, Alexander claimed that Gray was being violent towards her; Gray refuted that he merely held his arms up to “buy time” so that he and his children could leave the home. This telling is one timeline of the events, although there is no evidence that the man’s statements were entirely accurate.

Many times in family related crimes such as a domestic battery charge or, in this case, multiple aggravated assault charges, the accused is caught in a battle of words, as typically there is not enough evidence to show who started the altercation and how the altercation finished, as many of these crimes, like in this case, happen in private homes. This lack of sure truth about the events of criminal act many times will subject the accused to an even rougher and sometimes longer time in the legal system.

When one is up against the wall in legal battles attempting to salvage what freedom one has left, one should not waste time thinking about the possible outcomes. One in a situation like this should immediately obtain an experienced Jacksonville aggravated assault crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected. One should not waste time when the solution to one’s predicament is out there waiting.

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