If you accuse a police officer of raping you, you could end up in jail.

Under Florida law, if you accuse a police officer of rape and law enforcement finds the accusations false, you can be charged with a sex crime.

If you are convicted of falsely accusing a law enforcement officer of sexual battery, not only are you facing being a convicted felon and 5 years in prison, but you will also be classified as a sex offender. In Florida, you will have to register as a sex offender and there is a laundry list of things you cannot do. Along with all the restrictions, you will have the stigma of being a sexual offender in Florida and every state in America.

When the suspects are common citizens, victims of rape are encouraged to come forward with the assurance they will not be punished. Not so when the police are the ones accused of rape.
Read our prior blog about a Jacksonville police officer convicted of raping a woman on the front of his JSO police car. He is now serving time in prison.

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