Illegal Bottle Rockets Cause Fire On Roof Of Georgia Businesses; Suspect Unknown

Jacksonville’s citizens have mischievous ways about them at times and do things that are small violations of the law. However, when the time comes for the law to collect for those crimes, teenagers receive the blame. If someone or their child has been accused of a crime such as this, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Suwanee Patch, two businesses in Lawrenceville, GA, suffered fire damage from illegal fireworks. Investigators said that illegal bottle rockets shot from an adjacent parking lot landed on the roof of one of the businesses, causing the roof to catch fire. No injuries were reported.

Jacksonville criminal mischief cases typically involve some sort of immature act that is not entirely serious in nature but at the same time, reflects some possible danger for the victim, either monetarily or physically. Unfortunately for Jacksonville’s juveniles is that they are blamed for many criminal mischief activities, even if there were none involved at all.

Under Florida Statute 806.13, the crime of criminal mischief tends to be a misdemeanor offense. However, the severity of the charge is based on the amount of damages done to the victim’s property. However, the damage done to the accused, particularly a minor teenager who did not do the crime and has no real proof of that innocence, will be extraordinary.

The State, police officers, and unfortunately many members of society feel that children have an innate sense of mischief and want for destruction; give those kids a way to accomplish a mischievous goal, and they will do it. However, criminal mischief crimes are committed by people of all ages. Furthermore, the interplay of a holiday such as Independence Day increases the likelihood that anyone could commit a mischievous act involving fireworks.

In this case, illegal bottle rockets were found on the roof and are the reported cause of the fire. The fireworks were said to have been shot from the parking lot. However, no witnesses are available, and neither are any possible identifying suspect characteristics. Unfortunately for those adolescent children who live near that area, those children will be the first target for questioning from police and possible arrests may soon follow.

Many times throughout Jacksonville, accused people are subject to hunch theories that lead to their arrest and hassle in the court system. If one or one’s loved one has been the victim of such abuse, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville criminal mischief defense attorney to fight the case and ensure one’s rights are known and protected.

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