In the future, police may be able to draw your blood if they suspect your are DUI

Police officers in have started requesting that judges issue a warrant to draw the blood of people suspected of Driving Under the Influence in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers have objected to the issuance of these warrants and the cases are being appealed to higher courts.

In Florida, you can refuse to blow into the breathilizer. If you refuse on your first arrest for DUI in Jacksonville, your license will be suspended for one year. You will not be eligible for a hardship until you have gone 90 days without driving at all.

What is amazing is that you can refuse to blow, but cannot refuse to give your blood. These cases will hopefully be addressed in appellate courts. If officers can draw blood, they will have to be trained to be phlebotomists. The blood storage will be highly scrutinized because vials of blood could be mismatched or not stored properly and may effect the alcohol reading.

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