Increased Number of Florida Car Burglary, Battery, and Theft Crimes

According to the Carrollwood Patch, over 35 calls for the crimes of car burglaries, battery, and theft were reported to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Carrollwood, Northdale and Lake Magdalene for the period of April 17-22 alone. Many times, when people see these reports, they assume crimes have occurred. However, not all crimes reported are crimes committed.

When someone is either angry, scared, or confused as to the situation one might be in, society has prompted them to call the police and report that a crime has occurred. However, some overreact; others caused the crime themselves and are reporting someone else. However, not all situations are crimes; nevertheless, the police may make an arrest just in case the story of the crime is in fact true. If one has been arrested for similar crimes, one should be aware of one’s many defenses to these crimes, and what to do when one has simply been falsely accused.

Many times in car burglary situations in Jacksonville, the alleged burglar was simply the owner of a similar car, who thinks they have either been locked out of their car, have entered into an identical car that is unlocked, or have joint ownership in the car. Other times, medical conditions might come into play with some accused parties’ reasoning for the alleged burglary. Some of Jacksonville’s elderly citizens have wrecked stolen cars, unfortunately overcome by the ailments of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and simply are out of reach of their caregiver.

Battery charges are often reported to police for legitimate reasons, such as being beaten up by another person or group. However, not all battery charges are legitimate. Battery, particularly domestic battery, is a common charge that is the result of false claims by either a child, an estranged spouse, or other family member that has a grudge against the accused. Other times, battery claims are used to obtain custody of children during divorce proceedings.

When car burglary crimes, also known as “car hopping” are reported, many times, cash or other items are reported stolen. However, when the accused’s fingerprints are missing from the vehicle or the area in which the items were stolen, the amount of proof needed to convict one of the crime becomes difficult to muster. Many times, when co-ownership of a vehicle is involved, someone might remove an item from the car, either because of anger towards the other person, or other reasons. This is commonly seen in cases where someone will remove the stereo from a co-owned vehicle while the other person is away, and then accuse the other co-owner of stealing the stereo.

While the physical evidence may be present, the prosecution will need to prove the intent of the individual accused of any theft. This may prove to be more difficult for the prosecution to prove if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville burglary and theft crimes defense attorney to fight the case.

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Additional Source: Crime Report: Rash of Car Burglaries, Battery, Theft ReportedSherri Lonon, The Carrollwood Patch

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