Indiana Teen Accused of Trashing Florida Man’s Boat

Jacksonville’s citizens have mischievous ways about them at times and do things that are small violations of the law. However, when the time comes for the law to collect for those crimes, teenagers receive the blame. If someone or their child has been accused of a crime such as this, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Brendan Riley Bell of Indiana has been charged with felony-burglary, felony-larceny and misdemeanor property damage in the trashing of Stanwood Higgins’ boat in the Florida Keys. Bell’s arrest came after a warrant was issued based on eye- witness accounts that Bell urinated on the captain’s chair of Higgins’ boat, dumped fishing tackle and equipment overboard, and then stole a security guard golf-cart, attempting to drive it into the ocean.

Jacksonville criminal mischief cases typically involve some sort of immature act that is not entirely serious in nature but at the same time, reflects some possible danger for the victim, either monetarily or physically. Unfortunately for Jacksonville’s juveniles is that they are blamed for many criminal mischief activities, even if there were none involved at all.
In this case, Bell has been charged with third-degree felony, a first-degree felony, and a first-degree misdemeanor, which, if convicted on all charges, could result in Bell going to prison for well over a decade. This is too long of a time for a young person to spend in jail when the evidence presented.

The police issued an arrest warrant based on one alleged eye witness who said they saw Bell urinate on the boat. Eye- witness accounts are easily mistakable and as such, the person accused of the crime is often not the person that the eye- witness testimony said it was. Bell was also allegedly on surveillance footage vandalizing the boat. However, just because someone fits a description on a video camera does not mean that they did the crime.

Furthermore, Higgins reportedly said to interviewers that he had never met Bell before, but that Bell had chosen the wrong boat to vandalize. This statement may not seem to be very important, but an experienced attorney might see this as a possible admission that Higgins might have the ability to maliciously prosecute Bell in order get even with him in criminal prosecution. Furthermore, the fact the in-state warrant issued for Bell’s arrest was amended very quickly to catch Bell in any state shows that Higgins might have heavily influenced the decision.

Many times throughout Jacksonville, accused people are subject to hunch theories that lead to their arrest and hassle in the court system. If one or one’s loved one has been the victim of such an arrest, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville criminal mischief defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are known and protected.

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