Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence in Jacksonville

Many people have heard of injunctions, but what is an injunction for protection against domestic violence in Jacksonville? It is for a person who is family or is a household member of the “respondent” (person who injunction is against). That person has to prove that they have been:

1. the victim of domestic violence in Jacksonville or

2. has a reasonable belief that he or she is in imminent danger of becoming a victim of a domestic battery in Jacksonville.

The “petitioner” (person who seeks the injunction) has to sign a sworn petition stating facts that support their allegations. When you go to an injunction hearing, you can have a Jacksonville Injunction Attorney with you or you can represent yourself. Often, people choose to go by themselves instead of hiring a Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer.

In the injunction hearing in Jacksonville, the judge will call up both parties and hear from both sides. If the judge thinks the allegations most likely are true, he or she will grant the injunction. The judge can make the injunction permanent or temporary.

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