iPhones and iPads Thefts Causing Problems For New York: A Possibility For Jacksonville?

According to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a surge in thefts of iPhone and iPads is responsible for a slight uptick in New York City’s overall crime rate. Apple’s products were the preferred mobile device target of many thieves in the city, Bloomberg noted during his weekly radio address, according to the New York Times. There were 3,484 more major crimes reported in 2012 than for the same period last year. During that time, the city experienced 3,890 more thefts of Apple products.

Jacksonville’s theft crimes in many ways mirror those of other major cities because of the amount of technology that is so readily used by it’s citizens, and as an extension, stolen from its citizens by thieves. Many times, the thief is found via an anti-theft application on the phone; for others, the thief disappears as quickly as one’s property does.

Theft crimes is a wide, blanket term for any crime that involves the theft of goods or money. Theft includes crimes like grand theft, larceny, embezzlement, shoplifting, and robbery. Theft crimes are classified by the intentional act of taking property or money that belongs to another person without the consent of the person to whom the property or money belongs.

In this case, the charge is robbery by sudden snatching, the intentional and unlawful taking of property or money from another’s person. There is no requirement that the State prove that force, violence, or threats were used in the course of the taking. As a result, a pick-pocket, purse-snatcher, or cell-phone snatcher would be equally guilty of Robbery by Sudden Snatching.

The severity of theft is categorized by the monetary value of the property that is taken. Petty theft is the lowest of the theft crimes, and is generally considered the theft of anything (property or cash) that is under the amount of $500. Each state sets their own value limits, but this is an average. Thus, for example, the theft of a cell phone from a retailer is considered petty theft (shoplifting). The taking of property or cash that is in excess of around $500 is classified as grand theft. For example, the theft of a motor vehicle is considered grand theft. Smaller theft crimes are considered a misdemeanor, while larger theft crimes, like grand theft auto is considered a felony. Further classifications are robbery where force is used during the theft of property or cash; or burglary, where breaking and entering is used in the commission of the theft.

Unfortunately, even the best eye-witness identification cannot be relied upon, particularly eye-witness identification coming from a seemingly adverse party. The police should investigate further but, unfortunately for some, the identification is not looked into further. The real perpetrator many times, has been already in the legal system and charged with similar crimes like carrying a concealed firearm or other theft crimes of this nature.

When one is charged with a criminal offense of this nature, the choices one makes at the beginning of one’s case can greatly impact the direction of one’s case, especially one’s choice of an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney.

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