Is a Prostitution Sting a Good Use of Valuable Police Resources in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville undercover detectives busted one man and two women for offering sex for money on The police scheduled a session of massage after responding to an ad for massages. Police say they were then offered to have sex and a massage with two women for $300. They went to the house once, and then returned later that night. How many detectives and patrol officers were involved with this “operation”?

The three suspects are still in jail. The Florida Department of Corrections estimates an inmate’s cost per day to be $52.06. While many inmates stay in jail beyond their next court date, if the three suspects get out of jail on their next court dates, the Jacksonville taxpayers will have paid $2550.94 just to keep these three non-violent offenders in jail. ($989.14 for Lunsford and Schein and $572.66 for Patterson) That amount does not include detectives salaries or gas consumption, not to mention valuable police presence being taken away from more pressing needs like the rising murder rate.

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