Jacksonville A Growing Target For Child-on-Child Sex Abuse

Jacksonville’s youth have some of the brightest futures in the world. However, on the road to the future, some children suffer setbacks that can severely hinder their ability to progress. However, this does not mean that the legal system should hold them back as well. If one’s child has been charged with juvenile sex abuse, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case.

According to The Boston Globe, children have become more prone to sexual violence in their early youth, mostly from adults; however, there is a growing number of child sexual abuse cases growing in Jacksonville as well as other cities that are solely child-on-child sexual abuse cases. One of the more well-known Jacksonville juvenile crimes case involving sexual abuse is that of Cristian Fernandez, who was recently indicted for the sexual battery of his 5 year old half brother.

Many state legislatures have had to think up new statutes and punishments for this budding problem. However, a problem has erupted from this new debate about what to do with these children: How does the legislature identify the problem children who will be prone to be repeat offenders, and how do they identify the children who are unlikely to re-offend?

Studies have been done that show that a staggering majority of these childhood offenders do not actually re-offend. Most of these children do these acts of sexual misconduct simply out of peer-pressure or curiosity.

However, the legislature, the legal system, and the Judges who have the unfortunate responsibility of sentencing these children to punishments for their actions, cannot always look at each cases very particular facts. Many times, Judges are worried about some of these children repeating these kinds of behavior as adults. However, this does not mean that every child is doomed to harsh punishment. These children need an intermediary; these children need an advocate.

When a child in a situation like this has been accused of sexually abusing another child, the parent of that child should contact an experienced Jacksonville juvenile crimes attorney to fight for these children’s rights. These youth need help, not a jail cell or a sex offender registry listing to scar them the rest of their lives. They need to be able to move into recovery and get back on the path to that bright future that society wants so badly for them to have.

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